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Facts – Employee Productivity

  • A Gallup study estimates employee disengagement results in over $300 billion in lost productivity and only 30% of employees are currently engaged in their work.
  • Only 10% of your managers have what it takes to move your company forward. The rest may be spinning their wheels regardless of how busy they look.
  • Less than 30% of most people’s time is focused on mission-critical work. (HBR 10 year study –- 2002)
  • Only 16 weeks productive work !PER YEAR! from knowledge workers (30% x 2000)
  • Disengaged workers costing US businesses $300 billion per year in productivity losses (Gallup Management Journal)
  • 2 hours per day disengagement per American worker (StaffingWorld 2008)

What is the payoff for your organization if you engage your workforce?

  • What does 2 hours a day for each of your workers cost you?
  • What if the other 90% of your managers could really move your company forward?
  • What if at least 70% of most of your employees’ time was focused on mission critical work?

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